Robin excels in personal training with a keen eye for detail to give you greater benefit with each movement. Make the most of your time with private or semi-private training.  55 minute or 25 minute sessions offered.

Robin will tailor your workout to fit your needs by incorporating several or all of the following modalities:



A must in all fitness programs to maintain or build muscle. Muscles help to strengthen our structure, keep our metabolism working efficiently, tone our body, improve our over-all health and well-being and much more. Utilizing the expertise Robin has you will gain more than just a great workout, you will gain body awareness and knowledge to help you in your daily life.




Tabata is short bursts (20 seconds) of intense effort of work with a short (10 seconds) recovery.  A quick 8 minutes is all you need to help improve your over-all fitness and metabolism.

"A recent study compared the effect of a 20-week endurance-training program with a 15-week high-intensity exercise program In terms of body fat loss, the high-intensity exercisers lost over 3 times as much subcutaneous fat as the endurance training group, despite expending less than half as many calories.  For every calorie expended during high-intensity training, there was a 9-fold loss of subcutaneous body fat, as compared to the endurance training group."



Joseph Pilates created mat work first. It is the foundation of all other Pilates work. Robin has studied Pilates her entire career and applied the  principles in all modalities to create a higher rate of benefit to workouts.

PILATES is the perfect complement to any exercise program as well as an excellent way to get started. Based on neutral spinal alignment and breath with movement, Pilates creates body awareness, improves posture, tightens and tones the abdominals, stimulates circulation and blood oxygenation, increases muscle strength, and aids with flexibility, balance, joint mobility and mental clarity. Clients leave sessions refreshed with a more positive attitude.


Using your bodyweight to activate your core for a challenging workout. TRX training will help improve you core strength and more.


This fast, simple and painless test determines your body composition. FITBODIES uses this as one of the best ways to track your progress. Remember... scale weight does not = healthy weight.