"Having been a client of FITBODIES since it's doors opened, I cannot imagine my life without it?  The knowledge and care of the trainers is unlike any other place I have ever trained with.  After over a decade at FITBODIES, I am still constantly challenged through the workouts and the variety of sessions offered.  I continue to achieve great results, both physically and mentally."
Shelley Clark

"FITBODIES is not a gym.  Robin, and ll the trainers at FITBODIES are partners in my fitness journey.  Robin has been with me through 12 years, always ready to meet me where I'm at, while pushing me just a little but further.  The individual attention, whether in a group or private session, means that I walk away with knowledge that benefits me in every aspect of my physical well being.  I've come back from injury or illness faster because of their expertise at modifying workouts.  I know my health is better for it, as I am more conscious of my movement and breath.  I'm not a fitness fanatic by any means, but the advice I get from Robin and her team definitely helps to counteract the day to day stressors of life.

I have been a client of Robin for more than ten years.  As far as I am concerned, there is no better physical trainer in Vacaville or any other place.  I don't believe she could be any more dedicated to her profession than she is.  It is her life.  The benefits that I have received during these past years are invaluable to me."
Dee Bernhardt  78 years young!

“Robin provides quality results-oriented training at her studio, FITBODIES. She works with all levels, tailoring to the client's needs and abilities. As an expert in her field, Robin offers a knowledgeable approach to training and getting or staying fit. FITBODIES and Robin definitely provide a positive atmosphere.”

Wendy VanHatten


“I hired Robin as a personal trainer after a series of surgeries had left me unable to exercise for about 1 year. Robin thoroughly researched my issues and developed a workout plan to help me regain my health. I started seeing immediate results and with her fantastic upbeat personality, I was eager and motivated to show up for our sessions. As my health began to improve she continued to encourage and push me farther each session. I would highly recommend hiring Robin whether you are a beginner, immediate or in expert shape as she will motivate you to improve. Plus she owns a beautiful facility that is warm, clean and oozes professionalism. She is the best!!!!!”

Steven Ferris


“Robin is a conscientious, dedicated and talented professional. She takes her profession (fitness and training) very seriously and seeks to educated her clients on the importance of staying fit in order to stay healthy. Form and attention to detail for each client is an attribute of Robin's that I appreciate and one that makes her a stand-out among other trainers.”

Karole Roth


“Good value, punctual, high integrity and creative also apply but I could only choose THREE. In addition, I appreciate Robin's attention to detail, she is a perfectionist and truly unique. I wish ALL personal trainers were like Robin but then she would not be unique. Robin is simply the BEST!!! Thank you.”

Donna Wollin


“I have been attending Robin's classes since she began her Pilates Studio. She is an excellent teacher, a wonderful and caring person and she runs her business very professionally and fair. I would not hesitate to recommend her and have on many occasions.”

Dee Berhnardt